Knocked Your Toe!

Stubbed Toe
We all at some point have knocked our toe against that wall, door or stone as we walk! Knocking your toe on something hard may seem like a minor injury. However, it can be intensely painful! Stubbing your toe can even result in fractures, sprains, broken nails, and infections, and may require professional attention. In most cases, the pain goes down after some time and one can use home remedies if not serious such as ice packs, pain balms or having a foot soak in epsom salt water. Whatever the case, always make sure it is not serious and you need to carefully monitor it.

You need to see a doctor if:
– the toe is very swollen
– the pain is severe and does not go away after several hours
– it is difficult to walk or to put weight on the foot
– there is a visible bone
– the toe looks crooked or out of shape
– the toe is numb, as this may indicate a nerve injury

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